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Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review

Hitachi Split air conditioners are one of most selling split air conditioners for premium range customers. Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturers in air conditioners and it has a major production plant set up at Kadi, Gujrat which is among top-1o manufacturing plants of them worldwide. Split air conditioners by Hitachi are one of the best looking ACs in Indian markets.

Hitachi offer split air conditioner’s in almost every range of budget they can for consumers. Their premium range air conditioners are costliest in Indian markets giving a strong competition to O’General split air conditioner’s market share. And they offer lower range air conditioner as well like KAZE series for those who can’t afford to buy a premium range product. However, there is some difference of features in a different range of AC’s they offer. It’s like, the more you shell out money, more features you get. However, most required features are available in lower-priced range as well. These air conditioner have an image in the market, Buy Once and Forget It. However, get the air conditioner timely serviced and enjoy its cooling for decades.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

When it comes to cooling, they have got no match. To give a strong competition to brand like O’General, they have ensured to offer their customer features like Super Cool which gives instant cooling on demand. These AC’s starts at high RPM to quickly reach the desired temperature and with lower power consumption as well. Also, its Direct Efficient Technology adjusts the compressor speed and refrigerant flow to maintain the desired temperature, this is the same technology which LG is offering with the branding of INVERTER V.

Also, it has an inbuilt feature of Auto Fan speed which adjusts the speed of the fan, e.g if the compressor is cut off after reaching the desired temperature, fan speed also comes down to a lower level and vice versa. However, there is also an option to adjust fan speed as well to suit your comfort level as well. And its 4-way Air-Distribution cools a bigger area in lesser time by adjusting the movement of horizontal and vertical louvers. Also up to my knowledge, only Hitachi offers to run the air conditioner in a temperature range of 16 deg to 32 deg C.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

Talking of build quality, the product quality is fantastic. It is indeed very impressive, however not to forget, one is paying a premium cost for it too as well. Its outer body has a great finish and the copper tubing which is connected to the outdoor unit, is also of copper inside the air conditioner. We mentioned this point of copper tubing because we heard that some manufacturer keep Aluminium tubing inside the air conditioner and keeps it of copper on outside part for showing it to customers. However this is not wrong, this is just done for doing cost cutting and to lower down the prices. This doesn’t make any negative effect on air conditioner capability.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

Hitachi offers best looks in air conditioners market, however Samsung, LG & even Panasonic even came up with some good looking split air conditioner’s are well. And these companies are giving good competition to Hitachi when it comes to looking. Personally, I like looks more like Samsung & Panasonic. However looks I am talking about here is of iClean or iTec. KAZE has got some standard looks but they are not bad at all. However looks is something which one should not give much priority and should focus more on quality, performance and long life which is Hitachi AC is capable of.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

To lower down power consumption at a drastic rate, their premium ranged models have Twin Rotary Compressor which features a “Permanent Magnet Motor” to magnetize it without electricity, as a result, it becomes 10% more power efficient than other conventional AC compressors. Its inbuilt Tropical Inverter Compressor can withstand temperature up to 52 deg C. It has an inbuilt Power Active Module inverter system which suppresses electrical distortion to minimize power losses. This inverter works in a combination of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) & PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) which helps in minimizing the phase gap & draws more effective power. This technology is patented by Hitachi.

 Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features

We have prepared a special comparison table which would show you the major difference of features between every model of Hitachi split air conditioner’s.

Features in Detail:

  • Auto Clean Function

This is one of the most advertised features by Hitachi (even in TV commercial’s). The unique thing about this feature is that it automatically removes the dust accumulated on the AC filter. Its working is pretty simple when filter clean function gets a command from the controller, its inbuilt cleaning unit makes one cycle from its home position to dust collector box position to sweep the dust by the brush fitted on micromesh Stainless Steel Plated filter. And then, dust collector collects and move the dust to dust collector box.

Auto Cleaning has got many advantages:

  1. It would keep your filter always clean like new and it also helps in preventing the formation of mold and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.
  2. Since, you’ll have your air conditioner filter always clean, hence the performance of AC won’t get degraded much over time and you’ll enjoy a fresh breeze for a longer period of time.
  3. This feature also helps in lowering power usage and makes it more energy efficient because of having a clean filter, compressor has to work less for cooling purpose.

Also, do read its manual for more detail how the cleaning happens and in how much time intervals. You’ll really come to know about many interesting facts about it.

  • Auto Humid Control

This is an intelligent feature which will help you get a more comfortable room environment by reducing the level of humidity as well with room temperature.

  • On/Off Timer with Advanced Start Up

This feature is not a simple On/Off timer feature but the unique thing about this feature is when you set a particular time e.g. suppose you want your room to be cooled down at 9 pm. So the air conditioner will scan the room condition an hour before and will start by himself and will run till the room reaches the desired temperature required by the user.

  • Auto Climate Technology

As I described this in Hitachi window AC review as well that this air conditioner is smart enough to find himself in which city it is installed, the time and the metabolic needs e.g. hot, very hot & humid (to be chosen by you). And it has inbuilt data fed into it already of above 100 cities of their temperature and humidity. Based on these factors, AC automatically changes the settings of himself from time to time to maintain a proper climate inside a room.

  • Koukin Filter

This filter helps to prevent bacterial growth inside the air conditioner.

  • Powerful Mode

In this mode, air circulation speed & set temperature changes automatically and run continuously for 30 minutes to cool down the room quickly.

  • DigiLock

You can lock down your AC digitally to prevent misuse of it from children or any stranger whom you want that he/she should not be able to use it.

  • 4-Way Air Distribution

This feature ensures uniform air-distribution (throughout the room) by movement of louvers in horizontal and vertical direction.

  • Asymmetric Louver Movement

This feature allows Vertical louvers to set at opposite direction to divert air-flow in opposites sides of the room.

  • Kaimin

This unique feature adjusts the temperature automatically at night by increasing it 1 deg C for up to 4 hours and you’ll not feel chilled in the middle of the night.

  • Precoated Aluminium Fins

It prevents the air conditioner from rusting and corrosion and ensures a long life of the product.

  • Auto Fan Speed

This feature keep an eye on working of compressor i.e. when the compressor is cut off, it automatically slows down the movement of fan speed too and vice versa to save power.

  • Auto Power Save Mode

This feature will automatically keep the air conditioner at 25 deg C with suitable fan speed and will maintain it as much as you want.

  • Filter Clean Indicator

Filter Clean Indicator LED light up when the filter needs to be cleaned in the indoor unit.

  • Selectable Fan Speeds

This air conditioner comes with preset selectable fan speeds which you can choose as per your comfort level you require.

  • Auto Restart

This feature resumes the working of the air conditioner on same settings automatically after a power failure.

  • Dry Mode

When activated, this feature will slow down the fan speed as required to a low down level of moisture inside a room.

  • Defrosting Sensor

This features prevents frosting of an indoor unit and ensures the optimum working of the air conditioner for longer periods.

  • Minus Ion Stick

 This stick draws the airborne particles like dust, pollen, mite, germs etc to ensure providing clean air.

  • UV Fresh Technology

This feature is about the air flow mechanism which enables spiral air flow, creating a “whorl” effect, ensuring there are no hot air pockets inside a room.

  • Nano Titanium Filter

This filter deodorizes the air and eliminates even the tiniest sized bacteria to make the air free from odor and bacteria.


Hitachi is the only company who offers such a long list of features in their air conditioners. And their products are definitely up to the mark. So, if you planning to buy this product, go ahead and buy it. You’ll never regret that you bought any wrong product.

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